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FAQ - Prelit Trees Repairs & Restringing



We are now only servicing the Hanover Area



Can I ship my tree to you to be repaired/restrung?

No, as of 2019 we are no longer accepting any non-local trees for repair. Sorry for the inconvenience 

Can you put LED lights on my tree?

While we are still searching for the ideal light set for use on pre-lit trees we do have some LED options available. They tend to run $26-$29 for a 50 count strand. So for a tree with 650 lights it would cost $338-$377.

Also as a side note, putting LEDs on your tree might not solve the problem of having issues with the lights. The wire is very silimar to incandescents and thusly can be the cause of very similar problems. 

How much will it cost to restring my tree?

This can vary of course by the size of the tree and how many lights are on it. Please visit our tree restringing page for the latest pricing.

Do I have to bring you the entire tree if only a few parts aren't working?

No, if only isolated sections are not working it is not necessary to bring us the entire tree.  

Where are you located?

We are located in south central Pennsylvania, in Hanover. Shipping costs will be based off of this location.

I live  few hours away, can I bring my tree to you to save on shipping?

Sorry, but we are now only offering repair service to the Hanover area.

I would like to try to restring my tree myself, can I purchase lights from you?

Yes! We offer for purchase the same lights we use when we restring your tree. They are commercial grade, 6 inch spacing light sets. You can shop what we have in stock here. Other styles, colors, and cord colors can be special ordered.

Check out our How to Video for help:

Can I purchase replacement bulbs for my tree from you?

Yes! Most prelit trees use a 2.5 Volt (2.5V) replacement bulb. We stock many, many colors in that voltage. For the most common choice, clear, please click here.

Watch our How-To video on replacing your light bulbs. Remember to ALWAYS reuse the original plastic base. Doing so ensures a proper bulb fit, and will alleviate any further problems.

Do you also sell any tools to help me maintain my tree?

We sell a tool called the Light Keeper Pro. We HIGHLY recommend anyone who has a prelit tree to have one of these. It's an excellent helper when trying to fix your tree. Those are available here. We've had many customer who have experienced a 10 year lifespan out of their tree. Without this tool after 3 years our customers can see an issue. That's adding 5-7 years to the life of your lights. 

In addition to being helpful with your tree, this tool is great for ALL miniature style incandescent light strings.

Do you have any tips on keeping my tree in good shape?

We sure do! Please open our Prelit Tree Care Sheet for our tips. Feel free to print out this sheet to keep for reference. Again, for maintainence, we highly recomment the Light Keeper Repair Tool mentioned above. 

Do you offer repair and restringing for items other than trees?

Certainly! We can restring and repair wreaths, garland, and any open style prelit lawn ornaments. By open style we mean any that do not have a plastic, grapevine, mesh, fabric, ect, covering which limits the access to the lights.