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FAQ - Technical Specifications & Definitions

What does "straight line construction" mean? 

Straight line refers to how a light set is wired. These sets only have one plug on them; no end plug to connect another set. 

What does "end-to-end connector" mean? 

These light sets have a second plug allowing additional additional light sets to be plugged into it. Just don't forget to be careful of how many sets you connect together. 

How many light sets can I connect together? 

Depends on which type of light sets your referring to...

Miniature lights: unless otherwise noted, don't connect more than 3 sets together. Most of the sets we sell, 100 count you can connect 5 together, and 50 count you can connect 10 sets. 

C7 & C9 Light Sets: typical sets have a maximum of 60 bulbs together. Select heavy duty cords allow you to connect more bulbs.  

LEDs: it's best to check your set. Near the end plug (female plug), there should be a white tag stating the amps of the set, and stating how many amps you can connect together. As long as you don't connect more amps than stated, you'll be fine!


DO NOT CONNECT 10, 15, 20, 35 COUNT SETS INTO 50 AND 100 COUNT SETS. ONLY 50 AND 100 COUNT SETS CAN BE CONNECT TOGETHER. Connecting the wrong sets together can cause your light sets to burn out quicker!

Why choose LED lights over Incandescent?

LED bulbs are cool to the touch, nearly unbreakable (they're made of plastic), and save energy. Using only 10-40% less than incandescents. Sometimes even less!

What color LED do I want?

Warm White lights have a yellow tint which mimics the glow of an incandescent light set. Cool White is a pure white, can sometimes have a blue tint. This color is perfect for an icy look. Most people use Warm White indoors, and Cool White outdoors.

What about replacement LED Bulbs?

Most light suppliers do not offer LED replacement bulbs. GE and Holiday Wonderland are the brands that we have found to carry replacements. Of course, you can find retro fit bulbs, like we carry. These will fit in your traditional C7 or C9 socket.

Do you offer replacement bulbs or covers for specialty sets?

Unfortunately replacements for these are next to impossible to purchase. The easiest way is to buy an extra "like" set to use only for extra bulbs. That way you know they will fit your set. 

How do C7 and C9 light sets compare with mini(ature) light sets?

These are what most people remember as old fashioned lights. Lots of people don’t know they still make them AND we have all styles of replacement bulbs!

I think the fuse blew in my light set.

In miniature light sets it’s RARELY EVER a fuse, if it is, the replacements are 3 amp (1 cm) and are the tiny ones sold in a six pack. Usually the problem is a loose bulb or broken wire on the bulb.

C7 & C9 sets' fuses can blow easily. Their fuses come in 7 Amp and 5 Amp. They are two different sized fuses. The larger 7 amp fuse (3 cm) is for sets prior to 1997 and smaller 5 amp fuses (2 cm) are the size used after ’97 and used in today’s sets.

What fuse do window candles usually take?  

If your window candle is fused, you would need a 5 amp (1 cm) fuse. These can be a little more challenging to track down, but are often labeled "Heavy Duty Miniature Light Fuse". A 3 amp fuse will work just fine, if that's all you have handy.                            

What bulbs work in my sensor candle?

Any of our silicone, C7, or flame bulbs will work. The only C7 bulbs we carry that will NOT work in sensor candles are Flicker Flame and LED Color Changing retro fit bulbs. 

Which Vickie Jeans bulbs have a replaceable bulb?

Select Vickie Jeans Bulbs now feature a replaceable inner bulb! Keep the silicone cover, and just replace the bulb. There are two size bulbs, the Lunar bulb is usually for the stars and moons, and the Papaya bulb is for most of the figurine bulbs (Santas, snowmen, stackers, ect.) If the silicone slips when the bulb is screwed in completely it’s probably replaceable!

Most of the plain dipped bulbs are not replaceable. Such as the cream, scented, or colored silicone.

If you have an older figuringe light bulb, it might not be replaceable. This is a fairly new feature and is still being phased in.