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FAQ - Website & Accounts

How long will take for my order to ship?

Many of our items can ship next day. Select items will ship Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Please contact us if you have a time constraint on your order. Each of our items have listed their fulfillment time. 

Why did my order ship a couple days after I ordered?

We operate out of two locations, one of which is a local market place. We have limited access to the building during off days. When you shop from our website, you are seeing our entire inventory over all our locations. Questions about the time it takes to fill and order? Please ask us! 

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit card and PayPal. Once you begin the checkout process you enter a SSL secured site. This is a secure field in which you can enter your information. Concerns? Contact us!

When will my Credit Card/PayPal account be charged?

Our cart system is set up to charge when your order ships. What is the advantage to this? This prevents refunds for any difference in combined shipping costs. We only charge you the actual published shipping cost. 

Why is the shipping estimate so high?

All of our items are weight based for shipping. And when you add multiple items our cart can be fooled that it weighs more than it does. Rest assured, we only charge the ACTUAL published shipping cost. Curious to what it may be please feel free to contact us with a shipping quote. We'd be delighted to help you.

What does "Next Day Fulfillment" and "1-3 Day Fulfillment" mean?

These are listed on our items to let you know the processing time to fulfill your order. Select items throughout our store are available for shipment on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Next Day Fulfillment means that most or all of the quantity shown of that item, is ready for immediate shipment.

1-3 Day Fulfillment means that some of the quantity shown is available for immediate shipment. If you are interested in all that is shown in stock, it may take an extra day or two to completely fill your order.

What does "Available as Pre-Order only" or "Pre-Order Now" mean?

Any of our items that display this message are items we plan to restock, or it is a new item that we have coming. Our system doesn't feature back orders, so we often will change an item to "Pre-Order" status to still be able to offer the product to you. Will will gladly ship your item once we receive our stock.

Can I pick up my order in person?

Local customers can certainly pick up their order. At this time, we can only offer order pick ups on Saturday Mornings at the Hanover Market House. That is currently our only brick-and-motar location. Simply choose "FREE Pick-up at The Hanover Market House" at checkout. We will pull your order and have it ready to simply pick up! To ensure your order is properly filled and ready Saturday, we ask that you have your order placed by 5pm Friday.

What if I can't make it in on a Saturday?

For residents with a Hanover, PA zip code, you can choose "Hanover, PA Delivery" at checkout. For the small fee of $4 we will deliver your order right to your door. This is a flat fee, so order as much as you'd like and only pay $4.

This service is currently only available for Hanover Residents. Sorry for any inconvienence.

Free Shipping on all orders over $100.