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  • Old World Apple Juice Box

    Old World Apple Juice Box

    Apple juice boxes are a great addition to a kid s lunchbox or a sweet drink on the go. Apples are handpicked, macerated and pressed to create 100% apple juice inside the juice box, which is designed to withstand strong squeezes from little hands...

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  • Old World Burrito

    Old World Burrito

    The burrito is a traditional food in Mexico and is very popular in the United States too. A tortilla filled with rice, beans, meat, cheese and vegetables. A full meal with every food group wrapped in delicious tortilla. Wrap it up and take a...

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  • Old World Cheesecake

    Old World Cheesecake

    The look of cheesecake is simple, but the taste is so rich! The perfect combination of cream cheese, sugar and egg comes together to create the most delectable Christmas treat. The cheesecake ornament is a perfect gift for a hostess, baker or friendly...

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  • Old World Egg Carton

    Old World Egg Carton

    Farm fresh eggs are said to taste better and be healthier than store-bought eggs. Chickens from the farm are fed higher quality food than factory chickens, making the yolk richer and shell thicker. Happier chickens lay better eggs. Size: 1.25 X 3...

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  • Old World French Press

    Old World French Press

    The French Coffee Press is also known as a cafeti re or coffee plunger. This coffee brewing device was created in Italy in 1929. The perfect cup of coffee is made from coarse grounds that steep for 4 minutes. But don t wait too long; some say the coffee...

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  • Old World Fried Chicken

    Old World Fried Chicken

    As American as apple pie, fried chicken can be found on dinner tables across America using recipes handed down from generation to generation. Scottish immigrants brought the tradition of deep frying chicken, which took on American charm to become a...

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  • Old World Holiday Candy

    Old World Holiday Candy

    This delightful glass ornament depicts one of the favorite traditions of the holiday season sweets! It was carefully blown into a finely crafted mold. Then a hot solution of liquid silver was poured inside. Finally, it was hand-decorated with brightly...

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  • Old World Hot Cocoa

    Old World Hot Cocoa

    This delightful drink is loved the world over. The Mayans & Aztecs took it straight with chilis, and the Europeans added the sugar & milk. In Spain, hot chocolate & churros is a traditional breakfast; in Nigeria, it s called tea. Cocoa is...

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  • Old World Pickle

    Old World Pickle

    Long ago when parents decorated the Christmas tree they hung the pickle ornament last, hiding it in the green boughs. When the children were allowed to view the tree, they would begin searching for the pickle ornament because they knew they would receive...

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  • Old World Pretzel

    Old World Pretzel

    Sixth-century Italian monks gave pretzels to children as rewards for attending church. The pretzel s twists signify arms crossed in prayer and when it has three openings, the Trinity. Pretzels are believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and spiritual...

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