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  • Fuse 5A, 2 Pack - 1 cm

    2 pack of 5 amp fuses, used for heavy duty miniature light sets or fused-plug window candles. Compatible with any length. NOT compatible for C7 or C9 sets, please see 5 amp (2 cm), and 7 amp (3 cm) fuses.

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  • Fuse 5A, 2 Pack, 2 cm

    These 2 cm long 5 amp fuses ae used for C7 and C9 light sets that are newer than the year 1997. These fuses are slightly shorter that the older 7 amp. These 5 amp are now the most common for C7, C9, and bubble light strings.

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  • Fuse 7A, 2 Pack, 3 cm

    These 3 cm long 7 amp fuses are used for C7 and C9 light sets that are from the year of 1997 or older. These are slightly longer than the 5 amp fuses for sets after 1997, and now the most common fuse for C7s and C9s. These fuses also apply to bubble...

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