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  • Old World Gardening Gloves Ornament

    Spend any amount of time in your garden, and you will quickly grasp the need for of a great pair of gloves. Whether you re digging in the dirt, pruning roses, pulling weeds or transplanting herbs, there's a garden glove designed to make the job easier...

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  • Old World Hand Mixer Ornament

    The kitchen is the heart of the home. Meals, desserts and snacks are prepared with love and fondness each day but especially around the holidays. Cooks have been using appliances in the kitchen for decades to make the work easier, including the hand...

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  • Old World Hummingbird Feeder Ornament

    Filled with sugar water, feeders provide supplemental energy to the tiny birds, so that they can hunt for insects and spiders (their main protein source). Feeders are often hung near windows, so that we can better enjoy watching these fanciful flyers...

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  • Old World Lemonade Pitcher Ornament

    Records dating back to the 11th century show a brisk trade in bottles of qatarmizat (lemon juice & sugar) in the Jewish community in Egypt. We continue to enjoy this refreshing beverage, fresh-squeezed, at home or purchased at the neighbor kids...

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  • Old World Passport Ornament

    If you want to travel the world, you ll need your valid passport at the ready! Issued by the US State Department, this little booklet is not just an official document; it s a wonderful memento of places visited around the globe. You can be a citizen of...

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  • Old World Sloth Ornament

    This critter is the original tree-hugger, whose prehistoric ancestors were the size of an elephant! Although arboreal by design, sloths love to swim and are faster in the water than on land. Their rough fur is often covered in bugs & algae, both of...

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  • Old World White Baby Onesie Ornament

    In the Victorian era, infants were dressed in miniature versions of adult clothing. At their most relaxed, babies were dressed in white gowns. It wasn t until the 1950s that Walter Artzt designed the first baby onesie, creating a comfy & simple way...

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