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    Old World 2019 Snowman

    Old World 2019 Snowman

    Snow seems to have magical powers. An afternoon spent building snowmen, frolicking and playing can make a person of any age feel like a child again. Warmly remember the year s joyous memories as you hang the 2019 Snowman ornament on your Christmas tree...

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  • Old World Army Man Toy

    Old World Army Man Toy

    This simple plastic and almost indestructible toy has entertained millions of children since 1938. Unlike the more expensive toy soldiers in hobby shops, these soldiers were simplified so that all could afford to create a troop. Relive the hours of play...

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  • Old World Candy Corn

    Old World Candy Corn

    The incredibly popular candy corn can be found in candy dishes during the Halloween season. The candy mimics a kernel of corn, which is part of its popularity during the Halloween season, a time when corn is harvested. Size: 0.5 X 1.25 X 2 

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  • Old World French Press

    Old World French Press

    The French Coffee Press is also known as a cafeti re or coffee plunger. This coffee brewing device was created in Italy in 1929. The perfect cup of coffee is made from coarse grounds that steep for 4 minutes. But don t wait too long; some say the coffee...

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  • Old World Mr. Bones

    Old World Mr. Bones

    Halloween has its origins in the ancient festival of Samhain, the Celtic New Year, when spirits were allowed to return to earth to visit. Christianity incorporated this into All Hallow s Eve, Oct. 31, prior to All Saints Day. The Irish brought Halloween...

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  • Old World Narwhal

    Old World Narwhal

    Swimming the icy waters of the Arctic Sea, narwhals are known for the long, thin tusk adorning their heads. The seemingly useless tusk is not used for hunting or fighting. Long ago narwhal sightings reinforced the belief of unicorns. Imagine stumbling...

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  • Old World Radiant Angel

    Old World Radiant Angel

    Angels are thought to be our link to God and heaven. Symbolizing purity, peace, and love, angels are a comforting presence. Glassblowers often created angel ornaments with the sweet, cherubic faces of their own daughters, depicting their vision of a...

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