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  • Old World Canning Jar Ornament

    While jars are still used for canning and food preservation, they're also often repurposed as vases, drinking glasses, home decor and storage containers. The use of jars in craft projects and the resurgence of home canning ensures that the Canning Jar is...

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  • Old World Retro Fridge Ornament

    The retro fridge is the coolest appliance you ll know. The saying Everything old is new again is true with the retro fridge. The once outdated refrigerator is new again; people are buying retro fridges to create a unique style celebrating the original...

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  • Old World Retro Thermos Ornament

    Generations of people have packed hot coffee and cold drinks in this classic container. The bottle is specifically designed to keep beverages hot or cold and, the bottle s cap doubles as a cup. Size: 3 ½"

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